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Environmental, Social and Governance

Welcome to our ESG microsite. We want to offer an overview of our current ESG journey and an established home for our future ESG content. On this central hub, you can find ESG data and progress prominent signposting, so all stakeholders can find what they are looking for.

Sustainability at Battery Mineral Resources Corp.

A Message from our CFO

At Battery Mineral Resources,  we are committed to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. Our commitments include responsible environmental practices, transparent and comprehensive governance policies and processes, and fulfilling our responsibilities to the communities in which we operate, among others.

Since starting our ESG journey in 2022, our proudest accomplishments include how we have grown, enabled and retained a diverse and capable team, established, communicated and implemented our ESG policies and procedures, and strengthened our engagement with critical stakeholders. 
ESG is not merely a set of guidelines for us. It's a key component that drives our Company to positively impact the world through the exploration, development and near-term production of minerals which are critical to achieving a successful clean-energy transition.


We look forward to a successful journey with all stakeholders, adhering to ESG standards for a sustainable and prosperous future.


Max Satel, CFO

Battery Mineral Resources Corp.

Corporate Purpose

To engage in the responsible and profitable mining and production of minerals that are powering a sustainable planet


Strong Technical Expertise

Strong Financing Expertise

Strong Stakeholder Relationship

Pillars of our Foundation

Materiality Assessment

In 2022, we conducted an inaugural materiality assessment to understand and define the social and environmental sustainability topics that matter most to our business and our stakeholders, who we identified through a stakeholder mapping process with our consultants at Integratio. 

Using both electronic and in-person means, BMR and Integratio have consulted these stakeholders and created a materiality matrix to assess and prioritize topics material to the Company and its stakeholders alike. The Company will engage in on-going stakeholder consultation to keep this list of material issues up to date. 

Material topics

  • Human Rights

  • Local Communities / Society

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Ethical Conduct

  • Protection of Biodiversity

  • Quality, Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty

  • Emissions

  • People Management

  • Research, Development and Innovation 

  • Climate Change

  • Mining

  • Economic Aspects

  • Health and Safety

  • Environmental Management

  • Environmental Impact 

Aligned and prioritized United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

ESG reports

Inaugural ESG Report

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