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Environmental, Social and Governance

Welcome to Estrella Resources’ ESG microsite that offers an overview of our ESG journey. On this page you can find ESG information and reports on non-financial ESG matters.

MD Message

We started our ESG Journey because we could see it was becoming very important to be able document and disclose ESG credentials to our relevant stakeholders/investors. We also believed that actively thinking about and documenting our ESG credentials we could achieve better outcomes for the Company. 

Understanding, managing, and quantifying ESG risks is valuable in the world we live in today, it's going to hopefully reduce regulatory and legal interventions on our business and improve the Company’s prospects of future investments by third parties.

Christopher Dawes

Managing Director, Estrella Resources

Corporate Purpose

Estrella Resources Limited (ESR) is a diverse Western Australian based company, focused on the exploration and sustainable development of critical metal projects. ESR aims to achieve long term shareholder value with the Board's extensive experience in exploration and their innovative approach to the mining and development of metal deposits.

🌎 Value
🏃‍♂️ Integrity
🤝 Respect
💚 Safety
🏅 Excellence
🎨 Creativity

Materiality assessment

We conduct an annual materiality assessment to understand and define the social and environmental sustainability topics that matter most to our business and stakeholders – including customers, investors, suppliers, our employees and other stakeholders.


Each year, we identify our key stakeholders and review our previous year’s material topics. Subsequently, we survey our stakeholders to get their views on which sustainability topics are potentially material to our business, and what risk and opportunity they may pose. Next, we weigh and verify the survey results to define our material topics and align them with the most relevant SDGs our business impacts on.

Material topics

  • Employee training and development

  • Customer privacy

  • Data security

  • Employee health and wellbeing

  • Cybersecurity

  • Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI)

  • Legal and regulatory environment

  • Business ethics and values

  • Board diversity and structure

  • Fair wages

Aligned and prioritised United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

ESG Maturity

Estrella ESG Maturity.png

Progress and Roadmap


1. Kick off

2. Adoption

3. ESG Standard

In progress:

4. Gap analysis

5. ESG dashboard


6. Materiality

7. SDGs

ESG reports

Latest ESG Report
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