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Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting

Welcome to our ESG microsite. We want to offer an overview of our current ESG journey and an established home for our future ESG content. On this central hub, you can find ESG data and progress prominent signposting, so all stakeholders can find what they are looking for.

CEO Message

To us, manufacturing is more than just making things and providing services. It’s about saving people time by solving their problems. We are proud of our reputation for finding innovative solutions, incorporating new technology and proud to have long standing relationships with many of our customers as a result.

Our commitment to innovation and efficiency pairs hand in hand with our commitment to sustainable manufacturing and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. At Reko, we care deeply about our impact on the environment and the communities we operate in. As stewards of the manufacturing industry, we understand the responsibility to contribute positively to the world around us.

We are excited about the many new technologies that are creating a new era of manufacturing. Our team is not only prepared to find the best ways to use them to help our customers save time but is also dedicated to incorporating these advancements in a sustainable and responsible manner.

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Diane Reko

CEO, Reko International Group Inc.

Corporate Purpose

At Reko, we believe in strengthening communities by advancing manufacturing. We serve manufacturers and producers who put their trust in us to help them be more successful, and we strive to be the “go-to” team by using innovative processes and providing creative solutions to any production need.

  • Respect

  • Customer-focus

  • Innovation

  • Flexibility

  • Teamwork

  • Honesty

  • Dedication

Materiality assessment

In 2024, we plan to conduct a materiality assessment to understand and define the social and environmental sustainability topics that matter most to our business and stakeholders – including customers, investors, suppliers, our employees and other stakeholders.


We will start by identifying our key stakeholders and reviewing previously defined material topics. Subsequently, we will survey our stakeholders to get their views on which sustainability topics are potentially material to our business, and what risk and opportunity they may pose. Next, we will weigh and verify the survey results to define our material topics and align them with the most relevant SDGs for our business impacts.


Disclosure Reports

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