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Environmental, Social and Governance

Welcome to our ESG microsite that offers an overview of our ESG journey and an established home for our future ESG content. On this central hub you can find ESG data and progress prominent signposting, so all stakeholders can find what they are looking for.

CEO Message

Terry Roberts

Founder, President, and CEO of WhiteHawk CEC

At WhiteHawk,  we are deeply committed to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. As a cybersecurity company, our operations are largely carbon neutral, and we’re taking steps to further reduce our carbon footprint where possible. Our commitment extends to transparent and responsible governance practices, and an understanding of our social responsibility, as well. Since starting our ESG journey on December 10, 2020, my proudest accomplishment is how we have grown, enabled and retained a diverse but very capable technical team. 


ESG is not just a set of regulations for us; it's a mindset that drives us to positively impact the world beyond our core services. We look forward to a collaborative journey with all stakeholders, striving to meet and exceed ESG standards for a more sustainable and responsible future.

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Corporate Purpose

WhiteHawk is dedicated to empowering a fearless internet for all businesses and organizations. Our values define how we work together to enable our team, partners and clients to continuously identify, prioritize and mitigate cyber risks, thereby enabling businesses and organizations to prevent and/or remediate online crime and fraud. 

❖ Continuously Innovate and Advance

❖ Value Our Team

❖ Thought Leadership

❖ Positive Collaboration

❖ Mutual Respect

❖ Integrity

❖ Committed to Our Values

Materiality assessment

In late 2023, we plan to conduct a materiality assessment to understand and define the social and environmental sustainability topics that matter most to our business and stakeholders – including customers, investors, suppliers, our employees and other stakeholders.


We will start by identifying our key stakeholders and reviewing previously defined material topics. Subsequently, we will survey our stakeholders to get their views on which sustainability topics are potentially material to our business, and what risk and opportunity they may pose. Next, we will weigh and verify the survey results to define our material topics and align them with the most relevant SDGs our business impacts on.

Material topics

  • Employee training and development

  • Customer privacy

  • Data security

  • Employee health and wellbeing

  • Cybersecurity

  • Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI)

  • Legal and regulatory environment

  • Business ethics and values

  • Board diversity and structure

  • Fair wages

Aligned and prioritised United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

ESG Maturity

WhiteHawkESG Maturity.png

Progress and Roadmap


1. Kick off
2. Adoption
3. ESG Standard
4. Gap Analysis
6. Review Meeting
7. Announcement
11. ESG Microsite

In progress:

5. ESG dashboard

12. Investor Slide

14. ESG Roadmap

15. Annual ESG Report


8. Materiality Assessment
9. SDG Prioritization
10. ESG Investor Connect
13. Board Session
16. GHG Planning 
17. ESG Ratings Review

ESG reports

Inaugural ESG Report
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