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Environmental, Social and Governance

Welcome to Forte Minerals' ESG microsite. We want to offer an overview of our current ESG journey and an established home for our future ESG content. On this central hub, we will maintain our ESG data and progress so all stakeholders can find what they are looking for.


Disclosure Reports

Corporate Purpose

The team at Forte Minerals Corp. is committed to enhancing shareholder value through the responsible acquisition, exploration, and development of copper and gold projects in Peru.


Our dedication extends beyond financial success to include deep engagement with our communities, sustainable practices, and respectful stewardship of our environment.

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Expert Technical Team:

215 years of combined experience in exploration and mining in the Americas.


Community Engagement:

Building solid and positive relationships with local communities and stakeholders for over 15 years.


Sustainable Practices:

Minimizing environmental impact and ensuring the longevity of natural resources through implementing eco-friendly technologies and methods.

Shareholder Value:

Strategically maximizing returns through efficient operations, prudent resource management, and a steadfast commitment to growth and profitability.

Sustainability at Forte Minerals Corp.

A Message from our CEO 

As CEO of Forte Minerals, with an extensive background as a geologist in Peru, I'm committed to guiding our junior mining company toward sustainable practices that honor the environment and its communities. Over 15 years of engagement with Peru's landscapes and people have informed our proactive adoption of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, shaping our approach even as we navigate the early stages of our exploration journey.


Our ESG framework, emphasizing transparency, community engagement, and sustainability, addresses critical areas, including governance, ethical conduct, anti-corruption, child labor prevention, greenhouse gas emissions reduction, mindful land use, ecological preservation, efficient water usage, diversity and inclusion, and equitable pay practices.


At the heart of our ESG strategy is our profound and continuous engagement with Peruvian communities. Our enduring presence has fostered significant relationships and an in-depth grasp of local needs and ambitions. In mid-2023, we decided to set a precedent in the junior mining sector by formally embarking on our ESG reporting to boost transparency and accountability. This initiative has validated our direction and unveiled opportunities for further enhancement.


We are dedicated to advancing our ESG objectives, always considering the broader social responsibility goal and sustainable future.

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Patrick Elliott, Msc. MBA

CEO and President

Materiality Assessment

Forte Minerals is in the preparatory phase of conducting a formal materiality assessment. This critical process, scheduled for later in the year, is integral for identifying and evaluating the most pressing topics for our company's operations. Recognizing the significant role this assessment plays in aligning our strategies with stakeholder interests and elevating our sustainability performance, we are committed to a survey-based approach to this assessment.

The preliminary step in this journey involves a meticulous stakeholder mapping exercise. The objective is to accurately pinpoint our most relevant stakeholders and understand the intersection of their concerns, perspectives, and needs with our business activities. By doing so, we strive to ensure that our materiality assessment effectively captures a broad spectrum of viewpoints, concerns, and priorities through active engagement with key stakeholders.

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